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EPEQS HVAC , Validation , calibration & clean room services

Engineering Industrial Supply & Petroleum Equipments ESP

Founded in 2001, our Company "Engineering Industrial Supply & Petroleum Equipments ESP" has been supplying industrial projects, Oil, Gas, and Safety Supplements and all Personal Safety items (Safety Glasses, Safety Shoes, Safety Harness, Gloves etc...)
Over the course of the years we have gained the sufficient experience in that field in order to thrive in it. On average we have 5- 10 top trained employees providing first class services to our ever expanding client list what they need.

•   High Quality Products
•   Express High Class Services
•   Professional Communication Methods

We have a wide range of product to supply from equipments for petroleum, gas, all heavy industries, and tanks constructions. In a brief detailed summary here are some of the products we supply.

•   Seamless Pipes - Pipe Fittings - Valves.
•   Safety Personal Equipment and Fire Fighting Equipments.
•   Hand and Power Tools.

We offer several more products feel free to contact us for more information. Prices vary from one product to the other depending on the origin of the product, the service provided and the profit margin you desire.